Brain Sync Massage

* Wash away stress and tension

* Relieve headaches

* Overcome stressful feelings

Brain-Massage. It's been a hard day and you feel the pressure of mental overload. No worries. Simply slip on your headphones.

Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this program harmonically layers Gamma(40Hz) and Delta waves to massage your mind into relaxation. You’ll tingle all over with a rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body. A revitalizing flood of positive energy is released as your autonomic nervous system relaxes into deep states of reverie. At the end of thirty minutes you feel cleansed and refreshed at the deepest levels.

We've re-mastered this classic to offer two new beautiful sound tracks with the same powerful frequency combination.

Reviews from satisfied users

"I am a writer and student. Just about everything in my life depends on quick thinking and creativity. Before I bought Brain-Power I had many thoughts and ideas cluttering my mind. After I using the CD I have experienced more creativity, my mind is more focused, and my concentration has increased. It works."


"As soon as Brain-Massage starts I can actually feel the left side of my brain respond to the sounds in a startlingly wonderful feeling. I use your tapes mostly to help me sleep, and have found with this particular tape I wake up with a wonderful feeling of joy, mental and physical alertness and maintain it throughout the day. Even when working a twelve hour night shift."


"I absolutely love Brain-Massage. It is such a treat to immerse myself in those wonderful sounds that wash away stress and anxiety leaving me feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed. It's like a "Brain Spa!"


"In 1993 I was very stressed out and having migraine headaches. I bought Brain-Massage. Each time I listened to it I became more relaxed. I use it to get to sleep every night...I will not give it up till it will no longer play...thank you very much for the peace and rest it has afforded me."


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