Brainwave Entrainment Software For Professionals

Brainwave, Entrainment Software For Professionals

The NeuroProgrammer system can be grouped into 2 main categories, the Psychological and the Neurological . Often, mental problems require a combination of solutions. The features of NP2 recognize the complexity of the brain, and give you all the tools needed to produce real, dramatic changes in your life.

The Neurological

Using specially structured light and sound techniques, NP2 is able to affect the mind directly using a neural process known as Brainwave Entrainment. Patterns represent the electrical activity of the brain. By shifting this activity, NP2 produces mental states conducive to your goals. For example, NP2 can be used to guide your mind to its most receptive possible state, or a pattern that leaves the mind more receptive to suggestion, vastly increasing the effect of psychological techniques. From there the possibilities are endless: use recorded Suggestions, Affirmations, Verbal Guidance and Hypnotic Scripts. Use NP2 to enhance your Visualization abilities, giving you access to some of the most powerful and practical psychological methods yet devised.

Additionally, brainwave stimulation alone can have a direct effect on your mental state. using NP2, brainwave patterns can be optimized to help with specific problems. A common use of NP2 is to help increase attention, focus and memory - all very helpful for students or people with ADD. It can also be used to reduce stress, help with migraines and much more.

There are a huge variety of brainwave-stimulating Audio/Visual Sessions available in NP2. In fact there are over 125 of them! Some are meant for relaxation, while others are meant for studying, creativity, sleep, sports performance, ADD or headache relief.

The Psychological

The subconscious mind controls how we react to the world. Desires, fears, habits, personality traits - they all come from associations contained in your subconscious mind. What if there was a way to change the nature of the subconscious? Instead of working against you in a constant battle with your willpower, what if your subconscious could instead make you more like you would like to be - how you see yourself without all those bad habits, emotional reactions and fears that block your progress.

The most effective and time-tested Psychological techniques have been compiled into NP2 in order to help change the behaviors, emotional reactions and limiting beliefs that haunt our daily lives. For example, research has shown that many of our behaviors are the result of subconscious associations. Have you ever noticed that seemingly random events, such as the smell of perfume or a certain song playing on the radio, can result in fairly intense emotions? The cause of the emotional reaction is not the song or smell, but rather what they have been association with, such as a childhood experience or a former intimate relationship. Patterns and associations are the basis for much of our desires as well as our fears and limitations. using NP2, you can turn such mental patterns around and use them to your advantage. The effect can even be amplified using brainwave stimulation. In the same way, your receptivity to suggestion will be amplified during a Session. Because language is such an integral part of our thought process, carefully worded affirmations can have a huge impact on the subconscious mind.

After using NP2 for a short period, you will notice a major difference in your psychological makeup. Fears and emotional reactions you have had all your life may disappear. You are ready for a change - let NP2 help you make the change real.

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