Viewing Auras Easier Than Ever Before!

Viewing Auras Easier Than Ever Before!

Every human emits energy and is constantly surrounded by an energy field. Just as refrigerators are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, humans are surrounded by their Aura. This energy reflects the inner values and Soul's intentions. Usually, evil or non-pure souls are dark colored, and good natured people's are bright.

Reading these energy fields comes in handy in daily human life. When making decisions on who to trust and who to stay away from, these skills will give you good guidance. When you develop these Viewing Skills, you can keep away from Evil and rejoice with the good. It will help you with recognizing bad intensions by others and staying away.

How Does It Work?

Sine wave generators were used to create two separate frequency waves which were introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacted by creating a third tone which was the difference between the two. This allowed the brain to directly tune into a frequency that the ear can not hear!

Beta, Alpha, and Theta frequencies were used for testing, and studies concluded that "Energy Sensing" is most powerful within the Upper Alpha Frequencies! Many subjects were able to sense energy as well as see different energy colors. This has since been applied to the technique with great success.

Most humans have difficulties reading and viewing this energy because the brain passes through the upper Alpha frequencies quickly and maintaining the correct brain state is difficult. Many people have mastered Reading through extensive brain training and practice.

Now you can enhance your Viewing Skills by using Binaural Beats. Our Viewing Binaural Recording guides you into the Upper Alpha Brain State, and focuses on 2 certain frequencies that put you into a stage of "Not thinking about anything in particular". Many experience a floating sensation while in this stage. Once your brain is in this stage, your conscious mind can not make judgment and a persons "True Colors" will be visible to the inner mind. Towards the end of the recording, there is a frequency dip that takes you into the High Theta zone, than right back to the High Alpha Range. This dip is a powerful tipping point that often leads to an epiphany or great learning and understanding. Once you become accustomed to these brain frequencies, you can learn to reach the Upper Alpha Frequencies on demand. This recording should be used like "Training Wheels" which will guide you in the right direction in obtaining Aura Reading Skills.

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Viewing Auras Easier Than Ever Before!